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The idea. The aesthetics.


To redirect a brand's communication and return it to the place it deserves to be.

Pilma is an iconic brand that many of us have grown up with. More than just a designer furniture and objects shop, as a brand Pilma has always embodied the spirit of Barcelona design. After 45 years, the brand needed to be repositioned to ensure it could move forward but without losing its historical essence. 

“The idea. The aesthetics.” is form at the service of functionality. Reason and emotion. A brand concept that restores value to the idea of what we call design. Based on the sense of balance and timeless vision with which Pilma selects the items in its catalogue. Belief in unalterable style and criteria and a commitment to creating a culture of design. 

To rejuvenate a brand, its image and message must be updated but without losing its essence.

The campaigns arising from this strategy convey the brand’s key values by means of extremely simple ideas. Simplicity. Sobriety. Minimalism. Timelessness. A project designed to last.

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