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The School of Now


To improve a brand's competitiveness and assert its leading position.

OBS Business School was the first online business school to open in Spain. That was in 2006. But come 2021, and due to the pandemic, all business schools have now gone digital. It’s time to reposition the brand and demonstrate its value in the sector. “The School of Now” sums up the innovation, modern approach and flexibility brought by OBS to its training for future leaders. 

There’s no such thing as a tactical campaign. A brand is made by everything it does.

Through a recruitment campaign for new students, we’ve made OBS a more aspirational brand for its target, reflecting the quality required to position itself as a leader in a highly competitive industry. We’ve laid the foundations for the brand’s future and created a communication platform that can be leveraged in the long term. Do you want to create the future? The future starts now. 

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