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Looking with tourist eyes


Establish links between the creative community in the midst of the COVID -19 crisis.

We’d been in lockdown for a month and the COVID crisis was at its peak. As were fear and uncertainty. That was when we embarked on a simple project whose aim was to allow people to express what they were feeling. A cathartic, creative act and a place for inspiration, beauty and poetry that people could visit every day. Dozens of well-known artists and creative people, along with other, not so well-known people, took part by sending in their postcards. This project has been included in “The Choices We Make”, a book published by OFFF. 

The project lived on a website and an Instagram profile created to disseminate it. We received postcards from France, Japan, Brazil, USA, Switzerland, England, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Indonesia, Netherlands and Murcia. We’d like to thank all the people who participated, this project is yours. We invite you to discover their talent and their work.

Don’t do it for the people. Do it with the people.
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