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Printed ink letter forever


To produce a memorable social media action on a limited budget.

Tinta is a new typeface by Jordi Embodas that’s inspired by the Renaissance and explores different expressions of printed text. When Jordi asked us to come up with a launch campaign, it was clear to us that, to honour this font, we had to use it somewhere important. 
But where?

With the slogan “Printed ink letter forever”, we decided to hold a competition on the social media sites of @tipografies and @_usted_, the winning messages being tattooed for free using the Tinta typeface. More than fifty people proposed all kinds of words, phrases and names to be inked on their bodies.

When you dare to do something different, you always find people to go with you.

We selected the 5 proposals that appealed to us the most and the skin of these 5 graphic designers became the perfect canvas for this timeless font: a link between typographer and user that will last forever.

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