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Unison is a music rights management startup company that has potential to become a global reference for artists, editorial companies and music consumers. Although it has been recently created, they are already managing the rights of hits by artists such as Rosalía, Beyoncé, Eminem or David Guetta, amongst other thousands. Their technology-based, transparent and innovative mangement is an idea that everyone agrees with. This is the idea that we want to transmit through a timeless, restrained and bold identity. Sounds good?

Creating a brand is not only about its identity, but also about the main idea of the brand.

We designed and developed a number of applications and presentations to the brand’s different targets, but amongst of all them the most important piece was the technologic platform where clients interact and get know the state of their music reproductions and the amount of royalties that they are generating in real time. A necessary step forward to ensure the future of music culture. Respect!

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