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First of all, we hope you like the project but smoking is bad.
You shouldn’t smoke.
That said, Clipper wanted to relaunch its cigarette paper after two failures. Our strategy was to remain faithful to the brand’s DNA. We created different collections of packs and proposed that new ones should be brought out regularly, just like Clipper does with its lighters.

We didn’t go for drawings of marijuana leaves or animal prints, which are so last century. We added value to the product through limited editions created by artists, something no-one else in the market had done before and which also gave us the chance to generate all kinds of content.

Our work is about delivering value at all points of contact.

We created an international campaign, all kinds of materials, a website and even an app that translated dance moves into graphics. We gave the brand a presence at points of sale, music festivals, on social and digital media. And we focused on a younger target by speaking their language: originality, rebellion, rap. Yes, yes y’all, and u don’t stop

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