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To connect and bring about a change in attitude among senior management.

The post-pandemic situation has encouraged new approaches to work and business culture. But society is also starting to question the role played by the office, a physical presence at the workplace and employee health. 

Faced with these circumstances, Colonial and its subsidiary, Utopicus, both leading companies in the office rental and flexible workspace market, needed a communication campaign that would highlight the value of shared workspace as an essential tool in developing projects and businesses successfully. 

This is how the “Real Office” concept came about. An idea that positions the office as a meeting place that is necessary to create a true team spirit, real connections between employees and companies and an authentic business culture, as well as ensuring the maximum impact of ideas.

Why run a simple campaign when the context demands information, debate or inspiration?

In addition to a campaign via digital media and social networks, the communication also involved some of the foremost Top Voices of LinkedIn in Spain, who’ve written a collection of articles on today’s burning issues in the business environment: new approaches to work, the emotional well-being of workers and leadership crisis and styles. 

All these articles have been posted on a website created especially for the campaign, where leads have also been generated to attract potential customers.

This ensures we also include brands in the conversation, going beyond a simple brand image campaign.

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