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Street Food with a little conscience


To create a vegan brand able to connect with a non-vegan audience

Rather than stirring consciences, we need to eradicate prejudices. Good Shit has been created based on this premise, which is bad news for tofu haters. Good Shit is a street food brand that aims to bring vegan food closer to a young, non-vegan target with misconceptions regarding such products. And that’s a lot of people. Good Shit wants to grab their attention via a fresh brand with a mischievous touch and truly delicious products, to make saving the world a pleasurable task. 

The real risk is insignificance.

Good Shit has a personality all its own that avoids both the do-goodism and the sectarianism applied by other vegan food brands in their communication, speaking directly to its (vegan and non-vegan) target with good humour, honesty and genuineness. Good Shit, not bullshit.

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