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Be who you are


Transform a product-centred brand into a consumer-oriented one.

Legaris, the Ribera de Duero DO wine brand by Raventós Codorníu whose distribution was based on mass market and hospitality, needed to be repositioned to go on growing, especially in the Swiss and German markets. Authenticity, honesty and balance are all values we appreciate in a wine. But also in a person. We decided to build the brand based on who and not what

We positioned Legaris more like a fragrance brand than a wine brand.

Be who you are” is a concept that relates the product with attributes the target identifies with. As we say in the brandbook we created, it reminds us that we mustn’t give up on our values or beliefs. And it allows us to be truly authentic, in a way that sets us apart from other wine brands. Let’s drink to that authenticity. Cheers.

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