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After nine years, the Blanc graphic design festival wanted to reinforce its positioning among a younger target by launching a parallel brand to reward emerging talent. First, the name. In design jargon, “Crema” (cream) means quality and excellence. And it’s also a colour in the chromatic range of white (blanc), a perfect link to the parent brand. 

Naming should never be just about giving something a name so we also used it to create a concept: “What are you made of?”. We needed brutal visual impact to reach a target whose work consists of consuming and creating images, so we looked for something truly amazing. 

Disruptive creativity must always start from a concept based on common sense.

We also created a trophy in line with the gala’s format: the award is decided live after the finalists compete by giving a 15-minute talk about their projects. The winner keeps the prize for one year then presents it, at the gala, to the winner of the following year’s event. Although some had a bit of trouble doing that 😉

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